Александр Скарсгард ненавидел свою диету во время съёмок «Тарзан. Легенда»

The star released the movie “Tarzan. The legend” Hollywood actor Alexander Skarsgard, said during a recent interview with the filming of the tape. Naturally, participation in this film meant a great physical training. Alexander had to look your best, but because the artist has prescribed a strict diet, which he hated.

The star of the TV series “True blood” told reporters that grew up in a family where the sport is not put in the first place, and because sometimes he had to work a little more than other actors.
“I grew up in a very urban Bohemian family, where every second – a hippie or a pacifist. We focus on intellectual and artistic development, not leaving time for playing outside and sports” — said the actor.
Alexander recalls that when his father Stellan heard that the son got the role of Tarzan, a very loud and long laughed.
“Yes, he laughed too” laughed father son – “I mean, we did not understand how it has Priscila. It was really funny. I didn’t expect that my son can become johnny Weismuller (in the role of Tarzan in the film adaptation of the 30s – approx. ed.) but I’m sure he coped with the role. As an actor he’d be better than johnny Weismuller”.
To prepare for the role Alexander had a lot to do and to go on a strict diet to avoid gluten, sugar, alcohol. He was allowed to use no more than 6000 calories a day, weighing took place several times a day. All this exercise made him muscular, handsome.
“When the shooting ended, I went to my father in London. My dad loves to cook, so I was lying on the couch a few days after thedash diet. I ate ribs, mozzarella, pasta, drink all that wine.. five months later, the producer called me and said we had to reshoot a small scene, just a few minutes. So could I again go on a diet to get in shape. I had to get back on the hated diet” — said Alexander.
By the way, not counting the box office, the producers are already talking about the sequel to the tape of Tarzan, Skarsgard so it is better to stay away from the ribs and donuts.

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