Александр Шепс окружил заботой Мэрилин Керро To the final of the most mystical of the TV show remained little more than a week. Medium, won in the 14 season, asks fans and friends to vote for his friend Marilyn Kerro. Fans are trying by all means to support the witch.

      Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro – one of the main contenders for “Crystal hand” in the seventeenth season of “the battle of psychics”, the final of which will take place at the end of December. The trial participants each time point phenomenal abilities of the girl and wonder how she manages to solve some very difficult secrets.

      For each finalist hurt his friends and acquaintances, urging the audience to support him with their votes. Alexander Sheps, a friend of Mary and her colleague on the project “the Psychics lead the investigation”, posted on his microblog a call to followers to help the girl. “And you voted for Mary?” – this question he hinted that users of Networks should choose Estonian witch.

      Anyone wishing to support Kerro install the mobile app “TNT-CLUB”, through which free send up their voices. The ceremonial announcement of results will take place on December 24. Very devoted fans of Marilyn attract relatives and friends to result the witch has received the greatest percentage of spectator sympathies.

      Apparently, in this difficult period, participant of “Battle of psychics” addressed to dear to her people. A few days ago she spent time in the company of mom and last night partied with Alexander Sheps. The young people filmed a funny video and posted it to the Network.

      Recall that the appearance of Marilyn in the new season of the mystical show was received very contradictory. Its opponents felt that “so until retirement can go” contest. The audience noted that with each season of the witches skills improve, so she has all the chances to win.

      In the first editions of the seventeenth season of kerro confessed that is no longer living with Alexander Sheps that caused a lot of questions from fans of the project. In social networks, young people are still plagued with questions about their relationship and offer advice. “My advice to you: have courage and make Mary an offer of marriage”, “They are cool”, “You’re like no need Mary for support,” such reviews leave the Sheps subscribers.