Александр Шепс сэкономил на подарке для Мэрилин Керро The medium was true to their fans. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the former winner of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps has decided to please his girlfriend Marilyn Kerro and gave her a rose, but only one. The young man said that has managed to make the main surprise.

      Александр Шепс сэкономил на подарке для Мэрилин Керро

      Former members of the most mystical of the TV project “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro turned out to be the heroes of the new roller operator NTT Denis Kurenkova, better known as Denchik. Like many other men in this day, the fourteenth winner of the season handed his girlfriend a flower.

      When Denchik asked why Alexander gave Mary one rose, a psychic with a smile said: “it is cheaper”. To justify his action, Sheps said that yesterday presented Kerro flower which will not fade for five years. No details about the gift a couple more not reported.

      On his page in the social network Alexander posted a picture along with Marilyn, which was left touching the signature. “Love has no rules…” – said the former member of “Battle of psychics”.

      The first year fans discuss the relationship of kerro and Sheps in social networks. The joint frames of the Estonian witches and psychic force Internet users to think that very soon, Marilyn and Alexander legalize the relationship. However, the red-haired girl is in no hurry to start a family, as it was interesting for her to engage in career development and magical skills.

      Fans congratulate a couple on the holiday, and I wish them to be happy and loved. “I love to look at you. Wish you happiness and a huge joint”, “What they are cool”, “You are unique people!”, “You, above all, do not hesitate to tell each other if something in life went wrong,” wrote a follower.

      A few weeks ago, the network appeared the pictures, which fans saw the rounded belly of the witch. It turned out that these frames were made for the sole purpose of a joke. Yet Mary is not going to have children. Marilyn Kerro: “I went to the “Battle of psychics” not to win”

      “I don’t want to give birth to something to show someone. After all, the kid is also a person. All the time. Children don’t turn out just so. We must always think if I’m ready for motherhood. Many women thoughtlessly give birth to someone to love or to be loved, or to keep a man. This is wrong. I don’t want to bear a child for the sake of someone near me. There must be other reasons,” said the witch “StarHit”.