Alexander Sheps chose the winner of the show “SONGS”

Александр Шепс выбрал победителя шоу «ПЕСНИ» The clairvoyant looked into the guests to the participants of the project. Alexander Sheps individually communicated with each of the newcomers and made them forecast for the future. According to the psychic, he already knows who will receive the main prize.
Александр Шепс выбрал победителя шоу «ПЕСНИ»

For several weeks beginning artists who are improving their skills under the supervision of TIMOTHY and Maxim Fadeev, live in the tower “mercury” in “Moscow-city”. Recently, the guys looked the psychic, winner of the 14th season of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps. He came to visit with a bouquet of black and blue roses.

During his visit, the psychic talked to the participants “of the SONG. REALITY” and gave them the stones as amulets for good luck.

“I look at the project and decided to understand how the participants live. I wanted to make it enjoyable, and I brought roses. Blue is a symbol of intuition, black – wisdom and dedication. I was wondering on what basis the students will assess themselves choosing the flowers. I watched their behavior in this moment”, – said the psychic.
Александр Шепс выбрал победителя шоу «ПЕСНИ»

Future stars showed enthusiasm for the arrival of Isaac and accepted his gift. Talisman refused only DanyMuse. The guy admitted that he already has a talisman from his mother, through which he feels a connection with a loved one. The words of the artist made an impression on Alexander.

“DanyMuse very talented young man with the right concepts in life, and I specifically tried to tempt him, to see how he would react to my attacks, but it is worth all survived,” – said the psychic.
Александр Шепс выбрал победителя шоу «ПЕСНИ»

At the end of the evening Sheps found out who will receive the main prize of the project. However, Alexander does not hurry to disclose the name of the winner, wanting to keep the intrigue. At the same time, the clairvoyant does not exclude that circumstances may change. Interestingly, some participants, according to the Sheps will not continue to make music.

“After talking privately with all participants, I already know who will be in the finals and win. But to say who it is, I won’t because I don’t want anyone to program. This is only the most anticipated scenario. But things can change, because the future we are programmable. I can only say that the winner is a very talented person who really deserves it. They are already well-known artists. But there are members who no longer associate their lives with music, and I told them about it in a personal conversation,” shared Alexander.

The release of “SONGS. REALITY” will be shown live on TNT on may 10 in the morning, and the regular weekly concert will be released this Saturday. The participants of the show are already working all over colourful rooms, each of which must impress the viewer.