Alexander Sheps and Victoria Raydos staged a battle of the fittest

Александр Шепс и Виктория Райдос устроили битву сильнейших Psychics will appear in a new show. Alexander Sheps and Victoria Raydos – winners of the project “fight of psychics”. They decided to take part in a mystical program to continue to help people in complicated situations, where logic was powerless.
Александр Шепс и Виктория Райдос устроили битву сильнейших

Today, August 26, on TNT the show, which managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers. The program “Psychics lead the investigation: the Battle of the fittest” promises to show the most complicated case, which Shine out bright members of the mystical transmission. The struggle against evil will be the most experienced witches, wizards and mediums “the battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps, Victoria Raydos, Lily Khegai, Zulia Radjabov, Ziraddin Rzayev. A surprise for all fans of supernatural forces will be the last investigation Ilona Novoselova. The girl died this summer, she fell from the sixth floor window. A friend of Ilona Novoselova: “Before she died, she wrote to the guy apartment”

In the new season, viewers will see three high-profile stories, imbued with mysticism, angry rock and black magic. Psychics will try to understand the intricate stories and help people get answers to their disturbing questions.

“Every investigation has in the first place, it was emotions. The dead, showing visions of his past, often use the senses, making the experience that sometimes it is unbearable…” – said about the new season, the winner of the 14th season of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps.
Александр Шепс и Виктория Райдос устроили битву сильнейших

Mystics admit that almost all of the stories take to heart and can’t help but empathize with people who turned to them for help. Despite the fact that it takes a lot of strength and energy, they are willing to make sacrifices in order to help. Psychics use their capabilities fully, to find clues of the mysterious events.

“Most of all remember those stories where it comes to mysticism directly. After all, there are situations where people are just looking for her. I like stories where I can directly apply yourself as an expert. For example, this issue of “the haunted House”, “House of culture” in Morozovka, Voronezh region – this release viewers will see very soon. These stories are for me the most interesting”, – shared his impressions the winner of the 16th season of the mystical show Victoria Raydos.

A new series of “Psychics lead the investigation: the Battle of the fittest” will come out every Saturday at 20.00 on TNT.