Александр Шаврина и Анна Ардова: трогательная история их странного знакомства и искренней любви On the eve of New year there was no Alexander Shavrina. Talented actor theater. Mayakovsky was the husband of the popular actress, star of the sitcom “One for all” and “Women’s League” Anna Ardovs. Being the older wife of nine years, he fell in love with her when she was pregnant with another. They lived together for two decades.
Александр Шаврина и Анна Ардова: трогательная история их странного знакомства и искренней любви

Immediately after graduating from the higher theatre school. Shchukin in 1982 Aleksandr Shavrin entered the service of the theatre. Mayakovsky. Then starred in a significant role in the film-a fairy tale for adults based on the works of Charles Perrault’s “tales of the old magician.” There he played Raoul from “Bluebeard”. But with great movies Shavrina did not happen. In the 90s almost never filmed, and then played only serial episodes. But I think the fact that it is not greatly distressed. All their strength and talents, the actor has invested in theatrical work, which warmly noted by both the audience and critics.

In addition, Alexander was a beloved family: wife, Anna Ardova and two children, daughter Sonja and son Anton…

In 2009, when the sitcom with Anna “Women’s League” was one of the highest rated Comedy series on television, the actress gave an interview with “StarHit”. Among other things, she recalled meeting with her future husband Alexander Shavrina. They were familiar with her 19th birthday. The young actor theatre. Mayakovsky was well received in the house Rodovich, which in those days meant almost all theatrical Moscow. But the relationship of Anna and Alexander have started later, when Anna got pregnant by another man. The actress was left alone, the father of her child completely gone. And at this moment Ardovs began to care Shavrin.

“Sasha fell in love with me when I was pregnant. And “walked” my belly through the streets. I didn’t know that he loves me,” said Anna “StarHit”.

Ardova, not knowing how it actually applies to her family friend Shavrin, did not believe in wooing the actor. She then recalled that she was glad her pregnancy, really wanted to become a mother and give birth to a daughter, no matter what the difficulties, however, men refused to believe. Besides, as said Ardov, Alexander, who at that time was already more than 30, had a reputation as an inveterate bachelor.

“It was a feeling that men all suck. And Sasha’s first time with me was difficult. I think I was not very good, he had me, not so much to fight, and to suffer… Well, you know, I thought that all this while, our novel, his advances. I said you here no one holds, that God, that’s the threshold, I can handle it, anything from me you do not. I thought, well, why did I tell him with a child, now stop playing and go” – shared the actress with “StarHit”.

But Shavrin left. The actress said that Alexander himself went to the dairy kitchen, began to walk with the baby born, swaddle, wash Romper. “It shocked me, shocked to the depths of the soul,” she said. Shavrin, said the actress, taught the little Dormouse to the pot, washed the tights and all took on many responsibilities in the home.

Ardova when Sonya got older, I began to call Shavrina not only as a dad. Later, the biological father of daughter Ardovs came and even wanted to meet his child. And that Alexander Shavrin, step-daddy girl who changed her diapers as a baby, helped her father and daughter to establish a relationship.


“He became friends with Sonia, came to visit her every week. At first I did not want to – it’s silly, of course, I knew it wasn’t right, that’s another love for a child. Unintelligent, and most importantly – stupid. He rang the doorbell, and I went into the room and asked Sasha to take Sonia to communicate with his own father,” said Anna.

Alexander Shavrina and Anna Ardovs was born and shared their child – son Anton. The children followed in the footsteps of their parents. Sofia Ardov graduated from drama school and became an actress of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, a 16-year-old Anton is now a student of the College theatre Oleg Tabakov…

In the past 2017 after 20 years of marriage, Anna and Aleksandr legally separated and live in different apartments. Son Anton expressed a desire to live with dad. But despite the official status, the former couple maintained a warm relationship, were together on vacation.

Unlike his wife, Shavrin disliked publicity, almost did not give interviews, did not like to talk about myself. But Anna, when they were still married, a lot of good talking about her husband and their family life. Ardova has always stressed that her husband is incredibly wise and intelligent man in the family he, of course, the main.

“I always pretend that I’m such an intellectual, in fact I never remember anything. Shavrin all the time remember. I can call him and ask him the name of his favorite American actress. I do him very interesting, he is very educated, very intelligent man, with him there is always something to talk about, and all the time develops a brain that is very important for girls,” said Ardova.

16 Dec 2017 Alexander Shavrin said birthday, he was 57 years old. His son Anton honored dad by posting a photo with Instagram. And the early morning of 30 Dec actor died. It turned out he was a long time struggled with cancer. Today, January 2, in the Mayakovsky theater will take place the ceremony of farewell to actor.