Александр Серов раскрыл свой «секрет на миллион»
The singer made a sensational statement.

Alexander Serov

Photo: the frame of the program “Secret of a million”

Alexander Serov was another participant of the show “the Secret to a million,” answered the last question Lera Kudryavtseva. According to the rules of the show, in the end, the heroes offer to reveal your main secret, the answer to which they are entitled to a prize of one million rubles. Most celebrities already starring in the program, refuse to disclose his secret. But Serov was perfectly honest with the viewers.

“Million dollar secret” was a 28-year-old illegitimate daughter Serov. Many years ago he had an affair with some groupie Valentina, decided certainly from his birth. To get pregnant, according to people’s artist, she resorted to tricks. On the next date, she took advantage of a certain device, through which subsequently gave birth to a daughter. “Then I was lying down to relax, turned to her and saw the following scene: she collects in a special vial of my material, well direct him where to apply. I remember that I freaked out and called her crazy,” said Serov. That experiment, the girls were crowned with success he found out only ten years. Then the ex-girlfriend herself told the artist, but in return demanded from him, no alimony, no participation in the upbringing.

Adult illegitimate daughter of Alexander’s name is Alice and she lives in the States. Serov admits that he is ready to communicate with her, but only on the condition that she take the initiative. “If she wants to sit in a cafe, to discuss your case, then I’m ready. But to go for show or to fly to her in the United States — not” — honestly said Serov. He is even willing to provide financial support, but only after genetic testing.