Alexander Serov made unflattering comments about the beloved ex-wife

Александр Серов нелестно высказался о возлюбленном экс-жены
It’s been 7 years since the divorce of singer Alexander Serov with his wife, gymnast Elena Lebedevoj.

Александр Серов нелестно высказался о возлюбленном экс-жены

The actor still can’t accept it. According to him, he tried to do for the wife, and she appreciated it.

“I’m a homely person, with tours running away to the family was not torn on any of the parties, in restaurants. Always earned for the family, for our daughter Michelle. And wife me down. After the divorce, she managed to get me two and a half million dollars,” – says the man with the journalists.

Serov also spoke about the current man’s ex-wife, condemning her choice.

“They tell me that lately she’s started to drink, lives with some, to put it mildly, bull. Still don’t understand how she was able to give up on it all. I’ve no complaints in marriage is not called. She hasn’t caught me. On the contrary, was all for it,” – said Serov.

And a gymnast at one time told me that life with Alexander was tough, and the last three years before the divorce they lived separately.

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