Alexander Serov helped Dana Borisova with alimony

Александр Серов помог Дане Борисовой с алиментами The artist was touched by the story of a colleague. Dana Borisova admitted that a gift from a celebrity was a real surprise. She noted that Alexander Serov could really support her in this difficult period.
Александр Серов помог Дане Борисовой с алиментами

Before Dana Borisova received a surprise gift from his colleagues – singer Alexander Serov. He gave the blonde 50 thousand rubles. According to the leader, to such a generous step, the man pushed Frank the story she told in the process of filming one of the TV programs.

“On the transfer of a popular singer, attracted to my beauty, courage, endurance and heartbreaking story of the alimony, exacted from me a father of Pauline, in the presence of my lawyer gave me as a token of sympathy and support to 50 thousand rubles. Very nice. I thank you,” said the woman in the microblog.

It should be noted that the opinions of subscribers in the comments, “Instagram” Borisova split. Some supported the favourite, and was praised for its courage and persistence in the fight for a happy life, while others felt that a young mom needs to earn funds for the child, not to talk about the financial difficulties all over the country.

“Dana, you’re strong, you can do it! The world is not without kind people!”, “Have no interest to watch shows with you everywhere begging for money”, “I Read an article about alimony, that requires your ex-husband for the maintenance of the daughter – it goes bad. Have to help you fully recover”, “Alexander Serov done! Did not expect, so that he can feel your situation and a real help to render!” – spoken by the followers.

Apparently, Borisova has not yet managed to resolve the conflict with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. Recall that between the ex-spouses passes the trial in the case of the payment of alimony. A businessman requires This to start the enumeration of the content of their total daughter Pauline, as at the moment, the girl lives with her father. Lou Ferrigno is suing ex-husband for alimony

According to rumors, this decision has already been made in court. However, she telediva disagree with him and plans to officially challenge. But to pick up a girl with the support of lawyers Borisov is not going blonde believes that the successor must wish to move out from his father and live with my mom. According to This, now it makes this all possible: spends weekend with Pauline, gives expensive gifts, talking heart to heart.