Alexander Serov has told how ex-wife poisoned their first child

Александр Серов рассказал, как бывшая жена отравила их первого ребенка The artist became a guest of “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast.» The singer not only was found with his mistress, with whom he has a daughter Alice, but answered all the questions about relations with the ex-wife Elena. As stated by Serov, they had to be two children.
Александр Серов рассказал, как бывшая жена отравила их первого ребенка
Александр Серов рассказал, как бывшая жена отравила их первого ребенка

In one of the programs Alexander Serov confessed that he had a daughter Alice. She lives in the United States. The artist noticed that the girl looks like him. But he is not going to make contact. “If she wants to sit in a cafe, to discuss your case, then I’m ready. But to go for show or to fly to her in the United States – no,” – said the singer.

Illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov disown him

The heroine of transfer “Andrey Malakhov. Live” was the mother of Alice Valentine Arishina. The woman claims that many years ago fell in love with Alexander Serov, went on tour with him. “These began the relationship,” said Valentine.

According to her, she’s never been jealous of a pop star to other women. She knew that she is known by many fans.

Over a long period of time Arishina lives in the Canary Islands. She was finally able to move abroad, so spent 50% of time in Russia.

“We left. They tried to communicate, but we left. I had my own life. Since Sasha and a few friends in common, he said. But I gave birth to myself” – told Valentine about the appearance of Alice to light.

Recently a former official wife Elena Serova was accused by some women that they informed her about her husband’s infidelity. “I never tried to violate any peace Sasha or Lena or Michelle. By the way, Michelle first wrote to Alice, they communicate” – justified Arishina.

In the Studio the sounds of their songs consisted of Alexander Serov. The singer gave flowers to Valentina, but refused to kiss her. He spoke sharply and did not want to put up with a woman. She snapped and walked out of the Studio. Star guests were able to get her back on the sofa.

“I’m not going to swear here to arrange battles. I said that I just mixed the situation, and nothing more. She was afraid that would be the development of this theme”, – said in his defense, Serov.

Guest ether was Victoria Bonya. She noted that the dimple that was on the chin a little Alice, inherited from his father.

Arising such fame was not needed. “I want to leave my family alone, that he my name is not rinsed. My husband also sends a big Hello to Sasha,” said Valentine.

In one of the shows where there was Elena Serova, she honestly spoke about the battered spouse. The ex-wife of the actor claimed that on several occasions he had raised her hand. One of the incidents happened in front of his alleged mistress.

The ex-wife of Alexander Serov: “I divorced him to survive and not go crazy»

Serov chose not to comment on the situation, as I realized that it would be to blame. But he had a ready answer for Elena.

“I couldn’t leave the kid to this crazy person. I’m not making excuses, but I’ve suffered for a long time. The fight was one time in 17 years, when things finally died out. Going on tour for four shows, she will mess you up. Go on stage, you can’t sing, and I want to howl,” said the artist.

He remembered that during his stay in hospital under droppers Elena came and demanded him to attend the proceedings. The couple could have two children. Serov said that while he was on tour, his wife gave birth to a child. But the first baby died.

“Finally, I will finish you. You know, it’s certainly a sad story. I’m on tour and my Manager Dima Galichin house, as Lena has already giving birth in the hospital. I told him: “Dima, secure”. But you can’t take a tour. I phoned him. He says, “gave Birth to, but you know, one defect. No hand to right hand”. I’m starting to call the doctor. He says, “you Know, the baby is very weak. Or took some pills to have a miscarriage, or just hunted,” – said Serov.

Back in Moscow, Alexander thought, how to help your child. However, when he arrived at the hospital, he was told that the baby died. As he said his colleague Moldovanka probably Elena did so because the child was not conceived from him. After a while they are already born Michelle.