Alexander Serov has accused ex-wife of stealing

Александр Серов обвинил бывшую жену в воровстве People’s artist first spoke on the causes of divorce and why his only daughter lives with him. Serov also remembered how dear to his heart Lena stole his watch for 300 thousand rubles.

Married to a contortionist Elena Serova, nee Stubenvoll, people’s artist of Russia Alexander Serov spent 18 years, in 1993, the couple had a daughter, Michelle. To the surprise of many friends and colleagues 7 years ago, Alexander and Elena were divorced. Since then, according to the artist, they never communicated. Serov not often talked about their family problems, the reasons for the breakup and how it happened that the daughter lives with him. To be Frank it caused Lena Kudryavtseva in the program “the Stars aligned”.

Serov confessed, though he considers himself to be amorous nature, but a conservative, and before marriage with Elena, never never married. Alexander stated that he is not divorced and his now ex-wife decided to divorce.

“So she comes in and says, “You know I’m divorcing you”. I said nothing, she went out. Then I got to the hospital. She came with her daughter Michelle, supposedly to check on me. I lie in bed, she comes out and says, “If you don’t come to court, we will dissolve without you.” Is it possible?”, – said Alexander.

“I ceased to feel his love. … And filed for divorce. Perhaps he considers it a betrayal. But if you have no family, why?” – said Elena.

Ex-wife of Serov, in the Studio of the program did not come, but gave a short interview in which has told how she has devoted much of his life to Alexander. The woman reported that 18 years was a shadow of Alexander Serov, threw him to the sport, dedicated himself to the family and gave birth to a daughter. She believes that their marriage killed his job. But for other reasons, such as her suspicion about her husband, she kept silent: “what I remember”.

Alexander himself about adultery is also not spread. The musician noticed that the wife never caught him with another woman. But he called a specific amount of money paid to the wife after divorce. “She received about $ 2 million and 800 thousand for the place I bought her,” said Serov. And suddenly remembered that while still married, Elena stole his expensive watch.

“Helen I stole the clock for 300 thousand dollars. It is in order or what? Give me a gift serious. I went on tour, come back, watch. Ask, “why did you sell the watch.” “I want to buy a workhorse Lexus, and the rest to spend on their needs.” Of course she will look up and say something, but I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, – assured Alexander.

However, despite this, it seems any financial claims against his ex-wife had not. And daughter nearby.

By the way, during the recording of the program, Alexander has shown himself to be a gentleman. Among the Studio guests was Dana Borisova, which is now suing the father of her daughter Polina. The presenter told us that her ex-husband requires her alimony in the amount of 70 thousand rubles. Serov hearing this story, was very surprised, and immediately gave Dana 50 thousand. Borisov was touched and shared the news with your followers on social networks.

Alexander Serov helped Dana Borisova with alimony