Alexander Serov denies 24-year-old heiress to walk at night

Александр Серов запрещает 24-летней наследнице гулять по ночам Musician strict in the education of grown-up girls. Alexander Serov believes that Michelle better get a second degree, and not to waste time. Despite the fact that she graduated from MGIMO, and now intends to enter gnesinka.

The performer of the hit “I love you” Alexander Serov is the only daughter Michelle. Like many fathers, he tries to control the life of his heir, despite the fact that she is an adult – 24 years old and she runs her own business. However, the famous actor poses for her hard constraints – the girl can’t go to party all night. Michelle needs to occur no later than 23 hours.

“And what’s abnormal? This is perfectly normal. Why would she stay out after eleven? What to do?” – says the artist.

Unlike many parents who are worried about privacy of their children, Alexander absolutely assured for the future only daughter. He said that they do not seek out suitors for Michelle and thinks that everything will come in due time.

“Do you need to walk up to two nights, to get married? It all goes on. We’re not looking for. What will happen, will happen. The same philosophy I adhere to and in respect of itself”, – said Serov.

After the divorce with gymnast Elena Lebedevoj musician and has not found happiness in his personal life. Unlike many men who try to find his beloved among the young girls, he admitted that he is ready to tie the fate of a good woman his age. Alexander Serov has told, who is ready to marry

Michelle graduated from the journalism Department of MGIMO, however, the profession is not working. The girl told me that she wants to follow in the footsteps of his father to become a singer. She was going to take part in the show “the Voice” and has performed on the same stage with his father during the festival “New wave”. Now it plans to attend one of the prestigious universities.

“The main thing for her now is to enter gnesinka and get the second higher education. It will be the most reliable and the best thing she can do in this situation. Because without studying, hanging out on the streets, nothing good will come of it. Now, I think, all the young people rushed to study. And this is very true. When people begin to reach for knowledge, it will be on my feet. To thirty-five years turned into serious personalities. I’m Michelle, I wish!” – said Serov in an interview with “Interlocutor”.