Alexander Serov complained of loneliness and said, what a woman is looking for

Александр Серов пожаловался на одиночество и рассказал, какую ищет женщину

Singer Alexander Serov recently attended a presentation of a new clip of his colleagues Katya LEL. Despite the fact that the media attention was focused on the artist, Serov journalists also talked and found out some interesting details of his personal life, and also learned about what woman dreams of singer of the hit “do You love me”.

Being in great shape, Alexander said that, in his opinion, attracts young girls who are not yet 30: “Maybe it’s my charisma that has remained since those early 90-ies is present? Maybe my work makes them nostalgic for the days when they were little girls? I had this when 7-year-old girl came to my concerts. And now they already for 27 years and they have different views on all this. They already see me as a person, which remind them of the childhood, youth. This Association can be and gives me a chance to be in the halo of attention of young girls”.

We understand that women’s attention is not deprived of the musician, however, his heart is still free. Serov acknowledged that looking for a woman who would meet his requirements, which, incidentally, are not so transcendental: “the Humble, meek, moderately cute, charming, which causes positive emotions. And models I’m not particularly pay attention, because they are in a slightly different perspective is presented. They play, they are on the podium, and we’re talking about life directions. So, as I described above, can be taken as a dogma.”

At the end of the conversation Serov reiterated that at the moment he is a man who is single, but does not exclude the possibility of finding his ladylove: “I Want to say that a lonely man. Yet. At least in the aureole of attention, but lonely.”

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