Alexander Serov about the DNA tests, the illegitimate daughters: “the Point has not been set»

Александр Серов о ДНК-тестах внебрачных дочерей: «Точка еще не поставлена» The artist continues to investigate the situation with predpolagaemyj children. Christine tiller works come to the next meeting with Serov, and experts have published the results of a study which decided the girl.
Александр Серов о ДНК-тестах внебрачных дочерей: «Точка еще не поставлена»

A new edition of the program “Let them talk” discussed the situation with the illegitimate children of Alexander Serov. The singer came into the Studio with his daughter Michelle. The girl is studying at the Gnesin music school, the education she received at MGIMO. Presenter Dmitry Borisov asked how she endured the divorce of his parents.

“It was hard. I was about 16, parents were concerned that I wasn’t worried. But I worry more now than then. I thought it will get better,” he told Michelle.

According to the daughter, a young mom worked. Elena has literally devoted his entire life to the girl. Michelle tries not to interfere in the relationship between the parents. The girl claims that she began to live with his father because he needs it more.

“Besides me, he had no one. I have to be there for him,” said Michelle, barely holding back tears.
Александр Серов о ДНК-тестах внебрачных дочерей: «Точка еще не поставлена»

Serov says that he tried to establish a relationship with Lena. He asked her to change. But they failed to achieve peace in the family. Both husband and wife suspect each other of infidelity. Michelle same applies to mom and dad, but some of the secrets she trusts it to Elena.

The guest Studio became Christine tiller works, which is considered to be the illegitimate daughter of the artist. Joachim, who lived in marriage with the girl’s mother, admits that he has doubts, who gave birth to Hope, the tiller works. The man passed a DNA test to check whether Kristin to be his daughter.

Александр Серов о ДНК-тестах внебрачных дочерей: «Точка еще не поставлена»

Mom and Christine came to the Studio and wanted to sit next to Alexander. However, he reacted negatively to the situation. Hope was ready to leave the Studio, but remained. In the video, which showed at the Studio, Joachim told the details with their spouse before a divorce.

“Hope called me and asked about alimony. Okay, I will pay. I want first to find out that Christine is my daughter. But she refused,” said a former husband of a woman.

In the course of transmission Serov recalled that he had another daughter Alice. The girl was born from when Valentina Arising with the musician. In the Studio showed a video in which Alice asked the musician.Illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov disown him

The medical examiner Eduard Tumanov joined in the final transfer, to announce the results of the DNA tests. It turned out that according to research, the Joachim is the father of Christine. Hope remembered why demanded her husband to pay child support. According to the woman, the decision was made during the divorce.

From Borisov was the court’s decision. It was required to recover from Serov 3,000 rubles a month.

“Alexander Serov paid this amount. He immediately found the money to pay for everything for 5 years with 5,000 euros,” – said the tiller works.

According to Tumanova, to draw conclusions about the relationship Serova and Christina for this paper impossible.

“It’s just a decision of the court. Here does not specify where the examination was carried out. Here are only a possibility that this man may be the father of this girl. It is necessary to conduct repeated research on fatherhood,” said Edward.