Alexander Semchev twenty years refused to communicate with native sons

Александр Семчев двадцать лет отказывался общаться с родными сыновьями The actor came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. The first Semchev told why categorically did not want to meet the illegitimate son Paul, the second successor of Cyril left in early childhood.
Александр Семчев двадцать лет отказывался общаться с родными сыновьями

A few years ago on one of the local talk show revealed that the artist is the child he abandoned. Then the Semchev refused to meet with the illegitimate heir of Paul, although the young man always wanted to make friends with a famous father. In the “Destiny of man” Semchev for the first time explained his actions.

According to the memoirs of the actor, he met the mother of Paul, when he was on tour in the small town of Pochep. Tatiana drew a twenty-year Alexander skromnosti, soon the young people began to meet.

“Then there was a pregnancy that I was 21 not needed. I myself then said, “Guy, well, good. Pull yourself together – it’s your baby, not someone else. But I did not succeed. Instantly love to Tatyana,” shared the actor.
Александр Семчев двадцать лет отказывался общаться с родными сыновьями

For some time the Semchev is still trying to build a family with a pregnant woman, he moved her to his home in Vishny Volochek. But soon finally realized that it is not ready to be a father. Artist recommend Tatiana to have an abortion in the fifth month, but she refused.

“She had to go back to the parents: we had nowhere to live and, by and large, have nothing to eat. I didn’t care about this situation is that, well, it is necessary to feed someone, pay for something in this life. I went on my way,” – said the actor.

Shortly after Tatiana gave birth to a healthy baby boy she named Paul. The artist was not even interested in the boy’s life. “Call it whatever you like. Perhaps it was cowardice… But it happened, how it happened,” said the Semchev.

Later in his native Vyshniy volochëk artist met this other girl Julia. In this Union have Semchev had a second son, Kirill. As recognized actor, he was painful to live in a small town, he wanted to enter the Shchukin school and build a career as an actor. Eventually Alexander left this woman with a baby…

The Semchev told on a talk show that he wants to reconcile with his sons Paul and Cyril. Alexander noted that the heirs of the different women are very similar to each other.

“I walked away from sons. I really hope that Pasha has enough brains to understand me… When you’re 21, you’re not ready to be a dad. I guess he can forgive. Yeah, he was deprived of all these years of moments spent with your father,” said the actor.
Александр Семчев двадцать лет отказывался общаться с родными сыновьями

The Semchev wanted to meet Cyril and Paul. He is confident young people will be able to get along with each other. “I was always the outgoing Pope, is not coming. To abandon their own children – it’s easy. Try them back – harder” – reflects Alexander.

Today the honoured artist of Russia officially married. He brings up the third son of Fedor. According to the actor, only with the younger heir he fully realized what a blessing when you have a baby.