Alexander Samoylenko has ceased to hide his young wife

Александр Самойленко перестал скрывать молодую жену
The beloved star of “Night watch” is a 29-year-old singer and actress Natalia Gromov.

Александр Самойленко перестал скрывать молодую жену

Natalia Gromova and Alexander Samoilenko in Georgia

Photo: Instagram

For the first time with his new lover 52-year-old Alexander Samoilenko was published in March. The closed premiere of the film “Lessons
survival” he came with his little son Prochorus, and actress Natalia
Thunder, which was represented by friends as his wife. A few days
Samoilenko and his fiancee returned from Georgia, where vacationing together. On
the picture, published in one of the social networks, the couple looks happy
and peaceful.

That Alexander Samoylenko has divorced his third
wife, Eugenia, whom he married 8 years, it became known last fall
year. This news actor then shared with their colleagues on traditional collection
troupe. Do ex-spouses, teenage son
Prokhor. Also, Samoilenko has two sons — Stephen and Alexander — from
previous marriages.

Александр Самойленко перестал скрывать молодую жену

Alexander Samoilenko


Natalia Gromova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Natalia Gromova, despite her young age, has
strong positions in the festival movement in the country. As Executive Director
it arranges every year the festival “Scarlet sails” in the Crimea, and also in different
the countries, which attracts stars of the first magnitude: Nonna Grishaeva, Andrey Sokolov,
Alexander Domogarov, Natalia Gvozdikova, Sergey Batalov, Lyubov Rudenko. Soon
all, at one of these festivals, where he was invited Alexander Samoilenko, and
he became acquainted with Natalia.

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