Александр Розенбаум жестко ответил хейтерам в Инстаграме Recently, the singer checked into the Network. The actor shares with fans of bright pictures, highlights from personal life. However, Rosenbaum did not expect that on the Internet he’s got such a great number of spiteful critics.

Alexander Rosenbaum admitted that for him, the social network is primarily an opportunity to interact with fans. According to the artist, he’s not trying on your personal page, anything to advertise or to spread to the public-dining experience.

“For me, the social network sites is the ability to give people even more good – rasskazyvat singer. I’m not trying to lead a glamorous restaurant history. I think this is unacceptable. Posted today Georgian dinner – men are singing around the table. There are many amazing people who are doing a great job, but the country does not know: doctors, mechanics… Here I will spread!” – said the actor.

Many netizens accused Rosenbaum of the followers. A few days the number of followers on his page reached almost 90 thousand people.

“My hair begin to grow from it. I don’t even know how to do it! To me it is absolutely not necessary. For the rapid growth of the subscribers have to say one thing. In the Soviet Union that listened to my songs from small to large, there were 250 million people! Here is the whole answer!” – said Alexander Yakovlevich.

According to the singer, he sees no point in fighting with the haters. Rosenbaum is easy on the attacks of ill-wishers. “For me, the man that comes to hate – sick! I’m a doctor! They are not offended! Even wrote a quatrain”.

“From the YMCA in the Internet gate. // Wanted to reach out to the stars. // And stuck in a stinking swamp. // That’s all in this issue!”

“For me, my website is not a fad. I’m not a fashionable person and accomplished citizen. I fashionistas, you know, I’ve seen my share! Come, gone, fashion today – gone tomorrow!” – said the singer.

Also Alexander Yakovlevich won’t subscribe to the pages of the national stars. The accounts of many celebrities Rosenbaum believes that it is meaningless. “Anyone not signed. Who do I have to watch, always go. I love Leonid Agutin – but if I would want with him, I better call him,” said the singer.

In an interview with “Interlocutor” Rosenbaum said it has no plans to make advertising on Instagram. “I had nothing to offer! I’m still a young man!” summed up people’s artist of Russia.