Alexander Rosenbaum reproaches himself for lack of attention to the grandchildren

Александр Розенбаум корит себя за невнимание к внукам The singer has no time to be a good grandpa. Alexander Rozenbaum loves four heirs, which gave him a daughter. However, to see boys artist can be extremely rare, because most part of his life is creativity, touring and communication with the fans.
Александр Розенбаум корит себя за невнимание к внукам

Alexander Rosenbaum became the hero of the Sunday program of the First channel “Honestly” with Yury Nikolaevym. Meeting the famous bard and TV presenter held in a hotel in Moscow, where this fall the contractor has scheduled several concerts. Alexander Rosenbaum said he is no stranger to living in hotels, in forty years of touring they have become for him almost home.

By virtue of employment with Alexander Rosenbaum can’t afford to spend much time with loved ones. Singer little reproaches himself for not been a good father, and now it is difficult to call the perfect grandfather. The singer, by the way, four grandchildren.

“It is the merit of my daughter Anna. Along with son-in-law get a whole basketball team – smiling Alexander Rosenbaum. – I’m a good grandfather, but not broody. This screen not the old man who walks with his grandchildren, all lovely and wonderful. I don’t have time to be a good grandpa, I have a good dad didn’t have time to be. Forty years go, what I am a dad and grandpa… of Course, I love them, of course, they love me too, but I see them very rarely”.
Александр Розенбаум корит себя за невнимание к внукам

Especially close to Alexander Rosenbaum with his eldest grandson David. The young man almost eighteen years, and he knows what kind of person his grandfather.

Александр Розенбаум корит себя за невнимание к внукам“He sees me as who I am – continues Alexander Rosenbaum. – But not the artist, and the man who achieved much, thanks to his work. He sees how hard I work, see what I mean, he’s important to my opinion. He is not slipshod lives. He understands that it determines the future of his mother, my daughter, because he is the eldest son. He realizes that someday she will be old, and it will have to take care of, and he is ready for this. And I’m like”.