Александр Розенбаум скучает по другу
The singer ordered a airbrush with a picture of a pet.

Alexander Rosenbaum

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Alexander Rosenbaum trips really misses his dog
breed Terrier named Bug. The singer even put it on a guitar case
the image of a beloved pet. This is the second
the dog artist. The first named Varnishes of the same breed living with the Alexander 14

“When Lucky did not,
I made Bug — shared with 7days.ru musician. And
decided that we will make to order such “airbrushing” on her guitar case. Now
my four-legged friend is always with me.”

Alexander participated in yesterday’s concert “New wave”,
dedicated to the movie. He sang the song of Vladimir Vysotsky from the famous movie “the Vertical”
“If a friend…”.

By the way, when
rehearsal Rosenbaum offered the services of a prompter, he was insulted in the best feelings.

“You do, of course, I’m sorry, but the words of this song I can’t forget
under any circumstances, — said rather sharply
Alexander. — I know her from
youth. The words of their songs can forget, but not this one!”

In today’s concert, Alexander will also take part.
The main celebrant will be Oleg Gazmanov. The stars will gather on it
creative evening.