Александр Розенбаум разговаривает с покойным братом The singer was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man “with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The actor said since the death of his younger brother Vladimir. And this year Alexander Yakovlevich lost his father.
Александр Розенбаум разговаривает с покойным братом

Alexander Rosenbaum has told in the program that one of the most severe blows was the death of his brother Vladimir. A relative of the musician died of liver cirrhosis. According to the artist, he believed that the native people will be able to recover. Singer, a former doctor, hoping for a miracle drug that would save the life of Vladimir.

“To bury parents terribly, but it is much worse to bury the children… my Youngest brother went first. He was gone in 49 years. I’m ten pounds after his death lost… Not because she was starving, just from the nerves,” – said the musician.
Александр Розенбаум разговаривает с покойным братом

Alexander Yakovlevich said that continues to communicate with his younger brother on the phone. The singer admitted that their voices are very similar, so sometimes because of communication problems, interruptions, echo he hears your speech and sees it as the words of Vladimir.

“I begin to talk to the wolf! I told him: “well, Vova! How are you?” He replied: “OK!”. And like I talked to him… This is my first time of telling. It’s a secret…” said Rosenbaum.
Александр Розенбаум разговаривает с покойным братом

The actor also said that at the beginning of this year died his father Jacob Starevich Rosenbaum. Men did not 23 Feb. The musician recalled that he – a hereditary doctor. The singer’s father met his mother Sofya Semyonovna mileaway in medical school. After a time, Alexander Yakovlevich entered the same University, where he studied parents.

“94 he was… It’s a great life, she was a difficult, difficult life. This generation in General, all it was difficult. The 30 years war, then the post-war period. Was always some big problem,” – said Alexander Yakovlevich.