Александр Розенбаум борется с онкологией More than ten years trying to beat cancer Iosif Kobzon. The musician admitted that with a terrible diagnosis faced and his star friends, among whom were Alexander Rosenbaum. The news of the illness of the singer came as a surprise to everyone.
Александр Розенбаум борется с онкологией

Cancer is often called the plague of the 21st century — a terrible disease does not spare anybody. An inoperable tumor claimed the life of Jeanne Friske, barely a singer first became a mother. More than thirteen years with cancer fighting Iosif Kobzon. Among those who once doctors put a disappointing diagnosis of many star names — Valentin Yudashkin, Alexander Buinov, Igor Krutoy, Alexander Rosenbaum.

The news of the illness of the latter, announced today by Joseph Davidovich, shocked viewers of the program “Let them talk”. Health 66-year-old musician was conflicting information, but all of them were linked to heart problems. So, two years ago for this reason, Alexander Yakovlevich was forced to cancel a gig in St. Petersburg, and was urgently taken to the hospital.

But the fact that Rosenbaum is struggling with cancer it became known for the first time.

“I have recommended to many a clinic on Kashirke where I regularly survey. Bujnov, Rosenbaum was treated there. Cool there examined after America. Ryumin was also treated there. Isn’t it strange that intelligent people so often kills cancer? I encourage everyone as often as possible to be screened. This is a disease that does not tolerate Amateur, it requires professional care and observation. Many have asked how native Wali Yudashkin could miss the spread of metastasis? And he was not observed. If Valentine jumped in the hospital for just a couple of hours, would be handed over analyses, there were no problems. But we’re always busy,” — said Kobzon.
Александр Розенбаум борется с онкологией

The confessions of Joseph Kobzon, many reacted ambiguously, because artists often prefer not to advertise their diagnoses. Himself 80-year-old singer is not shy to talk about cancer. Moreover, he believes that it is important to the masses the idea that cancer is not a death sentence.

“I remember when I was diagnosed, and I was afraid to tell his wife. But Nellie once said that we are going to be treated and everything will be fine. Then there was the surgery in Germany. In General I am opposed to be treated abroad. However, I was then told that if I don’t go to a doctor and undergo treatment, you will die in two weeks. I just didn’t have a choice, and we went to Germany for two months. While there, I thought, can ever again to sing. If not, then life was meaningless. I wanted to go on stage” — shared memories of Joseph Davidovich.

Now Joseph Kobzon continues to act and also supports the star friends, faced with a terrible diagnosis. In particular, Kobzon, one of the first visited Nikolai Karachentsov after another difficult surgery. Unlike the wife of the actor, the musician is confident that longtime friend needed professional medical help.

“I really admire Lyuda and all that she does for If. However, it is essentially doomed, he has had several brain surgeries. Whatever home care, it needs a constant supervision of doctors. So I insist that Karachentsov was hospitalized”, — said the actor.

But about your current health Joseph Davydovich did not spread. The artist believe that every person, regardless of his status or diagnosis, there must be a purpose in life. That is why he intends to the last breath perform on stage, believing that music prolongs its life.