Alexander Revva will once again be a grandmother

Александр Ревва снова станет бабушкой
The entertainer has announced the imminent start of filming of the second part, a lyrical Comedy.

Alexander Revva, Natalia Bardo and Marius Weisberg

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Alexander Revva has prepared for fans
a wonderful surprise. This summer entertainer
will begin to create the movie “Grandma
easy-behavior-2”, where he will play
the major role. “We with the wife while contemplating,
where to spend a vacation. We’ll most likely go
in Europe — shared with
Alexander. — However, part
summer I will work closely, quite
will soon begin shooting “Grandma easy

The results of
that the first film will be continued
— a natural. Last year easy
lyrical Comedy where Revva made
as a leading actor and
producer, graciously accepted and
“Kinotavr” and at a music festival
“The heat”. The Director of the film, as in
last time, will be Marius Weisberg. At
the plot of the first film, the hero Revva
forced to hide from the bandits in the way
elderly cousin Alexandra
Pavlovna Fishman.

In the image of the exalted
old women Revva spent 27 crew shifts.
Complex plastic make-up daily
imposed for two and a half
hours. There was another — unplanned
— day Revva spent in the form
grandma Fishman. The actor had again
to transform Alexandra Pavlovna
red carpet at the festival opening
“Kinotavr” and the presentation of the project on
The Sochi film market.