Alexander Revva went to detox in Thailand

Александр Ревва уехал на детокс в Таиланд
Resident of Comedy Club for several days of living without the Internet.

Photo: Instagram

Alexander Revva no problems with the figure, he regularly goes in for sports and trying to eat right. So his detox is not a standard program of cleansing the body of harmful toxins. Revva staged a hunger. During his vacation he decided not to use the Internet: do not check email, not to post photos to social networks and even phone calls. The latter, however, he fails: often it is necessary to communicate at work. And, frankly, the frustrations of uploading photos to Instagram too. Once the comedian was not able to show the fans your Breakfast overlooking the sea and the other congratulated his girlfriend, singer Svetlana Loboda, with the release of her new video for the song “Boyfriend.”

Wife Revva also tries not to use his smartphone. Usually Angelica published photos on a personal blog every day and sometimes twice. And now subscribers happy only once, seeing her selfie from the beach.

The stars don’t even display photos of their daughters, Alice and Amelie. By the way, girls, thanks to the efforts of their parents have long been popular in the Network. Alexander and Angelica grow them real stars since childhood. 10-year-old Alice, for example, has repeatedly appeared on the catwalk at fashion shows and she is seriously engaged in dancing and participates in competitions city-wide. Amelie is still too young — this year she turns 5 years — but it “promote” as a blogger. In his personal Instagram Amelie already 235 thousand subscribers who do not get tired amazed at the beauty of the girl, as video it is always gain maximum number of “likes”.

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