Alexander Revva showed passion with his wife

Александр Ревва показал страсть с женой Showman published an archival photo with his wife Angelica. Thus Alexander Revva congratulated the woman with a tin wedding. Happy spouses receive numerous congratulations from fans, who wish them a long life together.

      April 20, showman Alexander Revva, celebrating an important date. It has been exactly ten years since he legalized relationship with his girlfriend Angelica. In his “Instagrame” Alexander has published a commemorative photo taken during their wedding ceremony, held in 2007. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog artist, he poses with his wife on the beach. Alexander passionately embraces his beloved, dressed in luxurious wedding dress.

      “My angel, I congratulate you with the anniversary of our wedding! Thank you for what you have made me the happiest man in the Universe! Thanks for fantastic girls, whom I adore, thank you for everything! I congratulate you,” wrote a man in one of his social networks, accompanied by the publication hashtags “tin wedding” and “10 years”.

      A romantic idyll in Shumen showed in microblogging, sincerely admire his subscribers. “Congratulations,” “happy to you”, “happy anniversary! A wonderful family, Yay Are you a super talent, and his wife is simply beautiful. Hugs, kisses, adored”, “and the Golden marriage”, “Great words of a real man”, “Guys, be happy”, “Cool the fire”, “How beautiful and touching,” wrote in the comments of fans of a celebrity.

      In turn, the wife of entertainer Angelica also shared archival photo taken ten years ago. Darling Alexander Revva has published another photo with the wedding ceremony. “How happy and exciting… 10 years have passed so quickly. Love, as it was then… As if it was not them,” wrote the wife of a star in his microblog.

      Social media users congratulated Angelica and wished her family happiness and health. “All blessings and love to you for a long summer”, “Beautiful couple, well done”, “How nice,” “happy anniversary,” wrote the fans of the showman.

      We also recall that Alexander Revva and his wife are raising adorable Amelie and Alice. Wife loved the charming heiresses and try to spend with them all my free time. “I am amazed that they are profound for his age, with them so interesting. There was no case, that they somehow created a situation that parents had to strain to experience the discomfort,” said the man in an interview with “StarHit”. Alexander Revva: “Daughters early to watch my movies”