Александр Ревва установил рекорд в кино
The film “Grandma of easy virtue” was the only picture that is “paid off” in Russia this summer.

Photo: Instagram

It is no secret that the summer season for the hire of the Russian films is a failure. So many “filmmakers” are hesitant to produce films in the period from may to August. But the producer Marius Weisberg took a chance and won! His painting “Grandma easy virtue” with Alexander Revva and Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova came to the big screen on August 17, and for 10 days according to preliminary calculations grossed as much as 248 million rubles!

It’s an astronomical amount in the budget of the movie is 90 million rubles. The promotion of the film according to official figures it spent 40 million more. Still, the creators of “grandma’s” remain in positive territory. This is an absolute record over the past two years!

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medynsky explained that, basically, the failure of Russian films in theaters this summer is the weak promotion of film before it premieres.

“Grandma easy virtue” is only the fourth film that made a profit in theaters, according to “Kommersant”. Already paid off the blockbuster Art Pictures “Gravity” by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Comedy Yellow Black & White “denied” by Roman Karimov and horror Studio “10/09” “Bride” Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo. They all received state support from the Russian cinema Fund. Supported by the Foundation of the summer releases of “Blockbuster” (the charges of 11 million rubles, while the budget of 50 million roubles) and “the Tale of Peter and Fevronia” (fees 49 million with a budget of 140 million rubles) at the expense of the rental is not paid off.