Александр Ревва отправил дочь в Лондон Star dad decided to spring a surprise for Alice. Alexander Revva went with the heir to the British capital, where she will visit a concert of her favorite singer.

      Александр Ревва отправил дочь в Лондон

      Star “Comedy Club” Alexander Revva spends all his free time with loved ones, daughters. Star dad prepared a surprise for the eight-year-old Alice. Alexander and his successor went to the UK. The girl has to be an amazing show for her favorite singer, Beyonce.

      “Decided to give his older Alice weekend in London. But the most important gift waiting for her tomorrow. She will go to the concert of your favorite Beyonce. And if you’re lucky, she’ll get her autograph. Dad can, dad can do anything, anything,” wrote Revva on his page in the social network.
      Александр Ревва отправил дочь в Лондон

      Admirers admire him a showman and say that Alice is lucky with dad. The girl is very glad to such surprise. Alice admitted, as he loves his father. Last week, she showed followers a photo of the hand with Alexander, which was signed “That’s straight I love, love, priobja”.

      The heiress showman never ceases to please Why their talents. On the anniversary of the wedding of the parents of the talented Alice played a March by Mendelssohn on the piano, what really surprised mom and dad. The girl told in an interview with “StarHit” she also dances, enjoys chess and brings home from school. However, the future of the profession, she has not yet thought of.

      “I love going to the theatre – recently played a Squirrel in a production of “Luntik and Fonts”. Don’t know if I want to become as famous as the Pope. But I get from scenes great fun!”, – said the eldest daughter Revva. Alice Revva: “am I beautiful, Papa!”

      Александр Ревва отправил дочь в Лондон

      We will remind that Alexander Revva and his wife Angelique have been married for 11 years. Happy the couple has two daughters. Junior Amelie was born in 2013. Alice was very happy birth of the sisters, although more like a brother. The eldest heir Revva does not always find two baby common language. Amelie loves I have to take everything away. When I take a toy dog, she immediately yells: “Give it back, that’s mine!” Sometimes I give, but only if you already very tired to play with her. Actually, I’m helping my mom with my sister”. – said Alice.

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