Александр Ревва чудом спасся в ураган The showman, his wife and daughter were almost killed in the storm. Alexander Revva told how, together with his family happened to be in the eye of the storm. The artist believes that his family was rescued by a miracle.
Александр Ревва чудом спасся в ураган

Showman Alexander Revva happily married for more than ten years. Together with his wife Angelica, a graduate of the Club of cheerful and resourceful has two daughters: 9-year-old Alice and Amelie, which in March was five.

Resident of Comedy Club on TNT allows himself hooliganism on the stage and in front of cameras, and outside of work, Alexander is family-oriented. Together with the family of the famous comedian lives in a prestigious district of Moscow and all free time devotes to his wife and daughters. Together they play, walk, ride bicycles around the neighborhood.

One such bike ride almost ended in tragedy. Got a squally wind, and Alexander with his wife and daughter was in the midst of this hurricane. The father of the family, despite its brutal image, really scared.

“The trees began to fall right behind us! It was a shock. We rode bicycles through the Park and saw all this horror. Scared scary! To be honest, I thought this is it. The end! When in front of you and behind you is falling big trees, it’s really scary,” – said Alexander Revva.
Александр Ревва чудом спасся в ураган

The artist tried not to show his panic and hurry to get your family out of the Park, became at one moment so dangerous. Only a few days later Alexander was able to calmly talk about what he had to endure. Although it is recognized that the picture which he saw, like a scene from a disaster movie.

The artist is convinced that the salvation of his family – a real miracle. “Despite the fear, I tried not to panic. Supported girls humor: “Let’s go!” Drove the most recent for the girls, the father’s heart almost jumped out. I’m a fearless person in life, but here to control yourself and could not. We managed to get out of the Park miracle. Soon, everything stopped. You know those terrible gusts of wind arise immediately. I heard that in Moscow last hurricane even people died”, – quotes the artist sobesednik.ru.