Alexander Revva dreams of a third daughter

Александр Ревва мечтает о третьей дочке
The TV presenter is planning additions to the family.

Alexander Revva

Photo: Alexander Mudrats/TASS

Alexander Revva admitted that he asks his wife Angelica
bear him a third daughter. “We have two daughters, Alice and Amelie, but I really want more
and, most importantly, girl — shared Revva. — We work over this question”.

Alexander Revva can rightly be called exemplary and
caring father. He is always aware of what’s going on with his daughters — Amelie and
Alice. Showman regularly publishes photos of children, telling your
fans for her success. However, the eldest daughter Alice he shows more often than
Junior Amelie, referring to the fact that my daughter is too small. But today the comedian,
finally, posted a photo of both of my girls. Alice is very grown up and
looked like dad. “My vitamins of group A! Take every day 2
tablets after meals!” — signed Revva
photo. “I believe in the education of the daughters mom should be more important. Girl
for dad is a little bit special
history. We always loyal, always have an answer, ready to do everything
they want. Not always it correctly. So the mother in the upbringing of her daughters should be
strict,” says Alexander.

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