Alexander Revva changed her image

Александр Ревва резко сменил имидж Resident of Comedy Club parted ways with long wavy hair that became his trademark. Now the entertainer is walking with a short haircut. During his concert in Krasnodar Revva explained why he decided on such a radical change in appearance.

      Recently, the 42-year-old Alexander Revva made in Krasnodar. The showman and his partner Mikhail Galustyan played to a full house. Fans were happy to see a favorite artist that surprised many in a new way. The fact that Revva, to the surprise of many, cut her long wavy hair. “Krasnodar, thank you, love! Bye!”, – said Alexander in his microblog.

      Fans Revva started to discuss his hair. Some of them found that long curls was more to Alexander than a short haircut. “Bring back the hair!”, “What’s with the hair?”, “Where the wave, silky hair, where’s that business card?”, “How so?” – they expressed their opinion in the comments to the post showman. Other followers Revva thanked him for a great evening. “Thank you so much! Captivated me with his Spanish. So I worked, and even a photo shoot all staged! You’re a miracle!” “For a long time did not laugh”, “Everything was perfect” – shared his opinion.

      During his concert Revva explained why he decided to change the image. Alexander told the audience that the changes caused by the requirements of art. Showman was invited to act in films, but as was asked to get a haircut. Therefore, the resident of Comedy Club decided to take this step to play in the new film. Krasnodar became the first city in which he appeared with a new haircut.

      Apparently, the Revva made sacrifices for the sake of role in the film by Marius Weisberg “Grandma.” It is built around the famous image Revva, which can be seen in live Comedy Club. Opens enjoyed great popularity among viewers and gathered thousands of views on YouTube.

      Recently started shooting a new film Weisberg, the Revva shared in his Instagram. “Well, away we go. With the first day of us”, – shared Alexander. In the film the main character Alex, a former provincial actor, trying to make money in all possible ways. Because of this, he has a conflict with his boss, a crime Lord. In the result, the San had to flee. To escape persecution, he tries on the image of the grandmother.