Alexander Revva celebrated pink wedding

Александр Ревва отпраздновал розовую свадьбу
Showman admitted touching the wife in love.

Aleksandr Revva and his wife Angelika

Photo: @arthurpirozhkov Instagram Alexander Revva

Alexander Revva with his wife on the eve celebrated the anniversary of family life. Despite the stage persona of the hero-lover, in real life the actor is a devoted and loving husband. From the date of the marriage of showman’s been 10 years! Revva touching congratulated his wife, Angelica, and pink wedding.

“My angel! I congratulate You with the Anniversary of our wedding! Thank you for what you have made me the happiest man in the Universe! Thanks for fantastic girls! Thank you for everything! I congratulate you!” — said Alexander.

Over the years spent together at Alexander and Angelica were born two wonderful daughters: Alice and Amelie. Revva adores the girls and admits that he loves to indulge. So, an artist with a light hand can give my daughters flight on a private jet to the UK for a beyoncé concert or the luxury handbag from Louis Vuitton. By the way, the couple are not going to stop at two children and plan to expand family. “I would be happy to have three daughters, so I want to know what will be the third girl! After all, Alice and Amelie did not like each other. Little – my copy of the elder Angelique. For this reason I want more children! I wonder who’s next?” told why in a recent interview.