Alexander Radulov is trying to bring back Daria Dmitrieva

Александр Радулов пытается вернуть Дарью Дмитриеву Hockey player assists the gymnast. In the microblog Daria Dmitrieva has photos of a gorgeous bouquet of roses, which cost its sender in a round sum. Apparently, the young woman received a present from her ex-husband Alexander Radulov.
Александр Радулов пытается вернуть Дарью Дмитриеву

In June it became known that the hockey player Alexander Radulov has decided to go with gymnast Daria Dmitrieva, a year after the wedding. About this athlete said in one of his social networks. Many fans of the couple very surprised by the information publicised in the Network. From the couple seemed ideal.

A few months after the announcement of the breakup Daria Dmitrieva intrigued subscribers are publishing stories on Instagram. The young woman unveiled the luxurious bouquet of flowers, which she said Alexander Radulov. The following pictures Daria shared a mysterious status.

Александр Радулов пытается вернуть Дарью Дмитриеву

Publications Dmitrieva left her followers in disbelief. Probably, Radulov tries to recover the young woman and attracts her attention chic gifts. Such behavior by Alexander and Daria could not surprise the users of social networks. In June gymnast very emotionally spoke about her breakup with one. “Well, my friends! That’s all! Just six months later, and this hell is finally over. Thank you for everything! Good luck, God,” she wrote.

After some time Daria posted a long post in the microblog in which he tried to explain to the public the situation. Dmitriev stressed that Radulov is a wonderful parent, giving much time to his son Makar. However, even a child could not bridge the gap arising between the couple.

Александр Радулов пытается вернуть Дарью Дмитриеву“The initiator of the divorce was me. Alexander, a worthy man, a great father, but there are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles! It’s still my fault. I thought people change, but it was a ridiculous mistake! Remember: one person for another will never change! And we need to accept each other for who we are! He loved, I am loved, but living with it was impossible. There is a limit. I like people that are not for everyone,” said Daria.

Wedding Dmitrieva and Radulov was held in June 2016. Athletes threw a great celebration, stylized atmosphere of the myths of Ancient Greece. To congratulate the newlyweds came more than a hundred people, including rapper Basta and the group of “Artik & Asti”. The luxurious ceremony took place a year later, after Daria and Alexander legalized relationships in one of the salons. Then Dmitrieva was in the last months of pregnancy, so the celebration would be for her a burden. Alexander Radulov and Daria Dmitrieva staged a wedding of the gods