Александр Пушной стал многодетным папой
The TV host son was born.

Alexander Pushnoy

Alexander Pushnoy became a father for the third time. This broadcaster said on his page on the social network. A son is born. Another one. Time to remember the children’s song…” — said the showman.

Incidentally, with the birth of another child Fur acquired the status of a large Pope. Alexander and his wife Tatiana are growing up two boys: 12-year-old Dmitry and 7-year-old Michael. Now they were joined by young Andrew. Colleagues and friends of the artist were quick to congratulate him on the happy event, wishing the baby good health.

By the way, the birth of a third child became a great gift to the anniversary of the wedding of TV presenter with his wife. The Fur wedding took place exactly 18 years ago. In honor of the birth of the latest heir to Alexander recorded unusual rock version of the song about the “Lion and the turtle”. However, a newborn is unlikely to be able to appreciate the gift of the Pope. Besides, the recording cannot be used as a lullaby. However, when you grow up, Andrew will surely thank famous dad for an original gift.

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