Alexander Polovtsev was afraid to admit that became a father again

Александр Половцев боялся признаться, что вновь стал отцом
59-year-old actor is now a large dad.

Alexander Polovtsev has concealed the birth of another child for fear of

Yesterday in the program “the Secret to a million” Alexander Polovtsev has confessed that he fathered another child. The star of “Streets of the broken lanterns” had a daughter Jan. The actor chose to conceal the fact of his paternity. He did it because of the criticism of ill-wishers.

It all started with the fact that in 2016, the public has reacted negatively to the appearance of a middle-aged artist a small child. Considered by many to be 58 years old — the age when you have to have to enjoy your grandchildren, not children. Because of criticism from fans, the Polovtsy, after learning about the second pregnancy of his wife, did not make any public statements.

“Immensely pleased and proud to have made himself a gift for retirement! — said Alexander. — Some people gloat… did the first time cesarean section, because Andrew is not overturned, was lazy. Jan was born herself. I came to the hospital to pick up, it’s black kind of hairy. And now straight doll, Princess!”

Alexander has another adult son Stephen, born in marriage with Julia Sobolevskaya. The couple lived together for more than 20 years. And in 2016, shortly before the appearance of the second child, he married again. Chosen polovtseva was Asana Muratova much younger than the actor.