Alexander Polovtsev concealed the birth of her daughter

Александр Половцев скрывал рождение дочери The baby was born about five months ago. According to polovtseva, after he is 58 years became the father of Andrew’s son, they with Asanoi was criticized on. That’s why he decided not to inform the public about a second child.
Александр Половцев скрывал рождение дочери

In the new episode “the Secret in-a-million” Alexander Polovtsev openly spoke about his personal life. Almost ten years the star of the series “Streets of broken lamps” happy with Asanas. In January 2016 they became the parents of son Andrew. The baby was born prematurely. Shortly before the appearance of the boy they formed a relationship.

The Studio program Polovtsian Kudryavtseva admitted that recently he had a daughter. A girl named Jana. Faced with criticism of spiteful critics, the movie star chose to hide joyful event. Only close friends and colleagues knew about it.

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“Some people gloat… did the first time cesarean section, because Andrew is not overturned, was lazy. Jan was born herself. I came to the hospital to pick up, it’s black kind of hairy. And now straight doll, Princess,” shared Alexander.
Александр Половцев скрывал рождение дочери

Polovtsian announced the addition to the family specially to the whole country. Alexander regrets that his father did not live to see the moment when he had a granddaughter.

Program operators took the walk, parents with strollers. The role of the Colonel of the Solovetskii touching appeals to children. “Frankly, I wanted another son. I didn’t believe the ultrasound, the first, the second,” – told spouse polovtseva. About two months husband and wife have chosen a name for my daughter. The baby’s mother didn’t want the girl’s name was simple. After a while they stopped on Jan.

“I resisted. The school just say “Jan-monkey”. Now I am used to,” said Alexander.

Parents of two children struggle a lot, as my daughter and son small age difference. While Alexander argues that it is difficult to cope with Yana, because he had previously engaged in the education of boys.

Александр Половцев скрывал рождение дочери“I am immensely pleased and proud to have made himself a gift to their pensions,” – said touching the actor.

Polovtsian worried that both kids came to him in old age. However, the actor hopes he will have the strength to raise a son and daughter of decent people, and give them a good education.

Александр Половцев скрывал рождение дочери