Александр Петров сыграет главную роль у Тодоровского
The actor will have to spend days behind the wheel of a car.

Александр Петров сыграет главную роль у Тодоровского

Alexander Petrov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Александр Петров сыграет главную роль у Тодоровского

Pyotr Todorovsky

Photo: Press service

Dynasty Todorovski continues to assert itself in the domestic
movie. The film “25th Floor” started filming the romantic Comedy
“Love story”. Script writer and Director of this picture — Peter Todorovsky, Jr., son
Valery Todorovsky and grandson of Pyotr Yefimovich Todorovsky.

Alexander Petrov will play a hapless actor Planting Gorelova, which
accidentally meets her first love Masha Sokolov (Wilma Kutavicius). From the once-cute and modest
girl she turned into a spoiled girlfriend of a successful businessman. Seva
earns in a taxi, and Maria accidentally becomes his client. To travel far
— in Sochi, where Masha and Seva teenagers were in love with each other. Life drove them apart, and then a few days Masha’s marriage to the businessman. But first she’ll have to drive 1600 miles alone with a former lover… Filming will take place in
Sochi, Rostov-on-don and Moscow.

In the film

Photo: Press service

“I myself now have a tridtsatnik, —
says the film Director Peter Todorovsky, Jr.
We later grow up. Later learn yourself. Later learn to love. Our film is
about. The guy and the girl, fate was created in order to be together a lot
years run from each other. Because we live by illusions, you’re lying to yourself. They may be children,
depicting adults, learn from their mistakes. All this we try to Express
in the genres of romantic Comedy and road movie. Two in the car. 1600 kilometers.
Four days on the way. Enough to turned the fate of the characters. And yet,
we should laugh and, hopefully, fell in love with these charming

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