Александр Петров сотворит новогоднее чудо
The actor will become a good magician.

Alexander Petrov

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Alexander Petrov together with Sergey Baranovym, Kirill Kyaro, Evelina Bledans and the other stars in
the Christmas holidays right in the air will create a Christmas miracle. On channel TV-3
he will take part in the charity event, which will give sick children the chance for salvation of life and health. From 22 December to 14 January, the channel and the Foundation
“Hearts of children” will collect
donations via SMS.

miracles” — a charity event that became TV-3 traditional. A year ago
viewers have already helped one-year-old Grisha Glebushkin from the Irkutsk region — the money raised by the baby had heart surgery. Grisha was required 2,5 million roubles, but
responsive audience gathered far more than 9 million! And, in the end, could
to help two more children. This New year, Gregory will finally meet in the hospital, and
at home, with parents.

this year Alexander Petrov with stellar colleagues are raising money for
seven year old Julia Gray, suffering from a congenital heart defect. The girl required a complicated operation costing 43
thousands of euros, which can only be done in Germany. The life of a little Julia
now completely dependent on charitable donations, Fund “Kids
heart” and the action “Christmas miracles” on TV-3.