Александр Петров прокатился на культовом Понтиаке
The actor sat behind the wheel of a retro car in the second season of “the Law of the stone jungle”.

Александр Петров прокатился на культовом Понтиаке

Alexander Petrov took a ride on the iconic Pontiac. Frame from the show

Photo: TNT

TNT comes the continuation of the movie series “Law stone
of the jungle”. One of the main roles, thug Vadik played Alexander Petrov. Actor
during the filming of the continuation of the series behind the wheel of the iconic American
car Pontiac Firebird. In the filming of a used Pontiac Firebird second
generation, 70 years.

Alexander Petrov (frame of film)

Photo: TNT

According to producers
series, the car was rented for 6 shifts. After a long search and
negotiations with the owner, the car is finally found and brought on set
pad, to happiness and joy to all present.

In the first season of the movie series “urban jungle” hero Alexander
Petrova went to the other iconic car of General Motors yellow
Chevrolet Camaro. It was the car — a symbol of the first season. One of the key
scenes the car was blown up. The explosion was done by professional pyrotechnics
at night, in a residential area in Balashikha. Everything was done so
realistic that nearly caused panic among local residents.