Alexander Petrov starred in “bloody video” with your favorite

Александр Петров снялся в «кровавом видео» с любимой The actor will present his new cinespecial. As a trailer Alexander Petrov uses the clip of the Jet Ocean where she starred in the title role. The artist had long dreamed to tell stories about real people.

Ocean Jet group presented the video for the song Breaking the stones. This video was the trailer for cinespecial called “#sanafontis”. In a new music video starring famous actor Alexander Petrov.

The song Breaking the stones tells the story of a man who overcomes any challenges. He goes to his goal, not paying attention to people who tell him that nothing will happen. He believes in himself, willing to take risks, to make mistakes and go your own way, not looking back. In chinaspecial will feature more than ten tracks the group Ocean Jet.

Alexander Petrov: “I don’t need big houses, cars and yachts”

On the idea of Petrova, his project “#sanafontis” is a combination of theater, cult movies and modern music.

Александр Петров снялся в «кровавом видео» с любимой

One of the main roles as in the video and movies productions, sang Muse Petrova – actress Irina Starshenbaum. For the sake of his lady Alexander broke with a girl named Daria, whom they met for 10 years.

Alexander Petrov told “StarHit” that was going to try himself as a Director.

“I studied at the directing Department, despite the fact that a group of us were acting, we really spent a lot of time in the classroom for direction, where I learned a lot of knowledge. But I understand that do not have the right to do it. Ideas some, of course, but they are at an end. I’m sure if an actor wants to make a movie, he should forget at this time about acting! And I would like to try their hand at international projects. In General, I want a good movie, real stories about living people who want to give 100 percent!” – said Petrov.