Александр Петров заговорил на китайском
“ICE” goes into wide release in the middle Kingdom.

Alexander Petrov and Aglaia Tarasova in the film “Ice”

Photo: still from the film

Alexander Petrov this spring to speak in Chinese language
and the company it will be miloš Bykowicz, Maria Aronova, Ksenia Rappoport and other stars who played in the super-popular movie of this year “Ice.”

The fact that soon the movie will be released in wide release in
China. Distributor of the film is an international company AirSpeed Pictures,
working with large-scale English, French, American projects
(“The survivors” (Hostile, 2017), dir. Mathieu Turi; “Command to destroy” (Kill
Command, 2016), dir. Steven Gomez). “Ice” is the first Russian release
of the company.

“Ice” is one of the biggest releases in China, and
we, as distributor, are proud to show the audience
romantic picture, telling a story about the power of the spirit of the athletes. We
we count on more than 6 million viewers in its first week of hire” —
Xu Aqing comment, founder and CEO of AirSpeed Pictures.

Moreover, with China successfully
closed deal for the sale of TV rights for the film. Purchased
the TV station China Central Television (CCTV), which is the main broadcaster on
the territory of China. VOD rights to the film has become the largest digital
platform in China IQIYI.

Meanwhile, in Russia and the CIS at the end of 12 days, the wide
rental the total amount of fees romantic movie Oleg Trofim exceed 1,085 billion
rubles, and ranked ninth by fees in the Russian
production ever released in wide release in Russia and the CIS.

“Ice” wins not only the Russian market, but is already out in
hire a few foreign territories. 17 and 18 February, they held demonstrations
film in Germany, France and Switzerland. Continues the movie the Ice in
the Baltic States. At the moment foreign boxoffice picture is more than
230 thousand euros.