Alexander Petrov sold his painting in Rome

Александр Петров продал свою картину в Риме
The actor tried himself in the role of a freelance artist.

Александр Петров продал свою картину в Риме

The actor of theatre and cinema
Alexander Petrov visited the capital of Italy and held for Andrey Bednyakov a tour of iconic for him places of the Eternal city. Becoming a star guest program “Explorer”,
actor in a leading company not just a stroll through the picturesque streets of Rome, and
decided to dive deeper into the creative atmosphere of the city and tried to rewrite the
paintings by world famous artists.

Александр Петров продал свою картину в Риме

And after Alexander has signed with a leading “Conductor” bet
will be able to sell pictures of their own production literally the first
comer. After a few minutes, Petrov managed to sell a random stranger one of his
works and get a nominal fee.

This creative route star conductor at Rome no
over. Along with leading Alexander visited the historic cafe in the past
a favorite meeting place for creative individuals such as Byron, Stendhal, Gogol,
where shared with him Bednyakova their plans for the future. “I have
the dream is to make Moscow a place for the type of modern literary
the salon below came from all over the country young poets or writers,” the
said Petrov.