Александр Петров размышляет о помолвке с любимой Irina Starshenbaum ready to meet the actor back. Unwittingly, a couple brought Fyodor Bondarchuk, who approved of the actors for the main roles in the new film “Gravity.” Alexander Petrov now dreams of family.

    For some time the life of Alexander Petrov changed dramatically. The star of the TV series “Embracing the sky” and “the Policeman with the ruble will not even close friends. The actor lights up with happiness, however, as his partner on the film “Gravity” by Fyodor Bondarchuk Irina Starshenbaum. The Director approved both artists for the main roles, and, without knowing it, has United their hearts.

    During the filming of the picture between the stars twirled the novel. Moreover, they met before the start of the film and knew immediately that cared about each other. When the process of creating “Attraction” was launched, Petrov and Starshenbaum could no longer contain the wave of emotion and ceased to hide their love. Recently, the actors talked on the theme of the upcoming wedding, and a joke was even engaged.

    “We played together in the short one by the Spanish Director and sat on the stairs at the entrance, waiting for the apartment will be prepared for filming. And I said, “Well then, when’s the wedding, then we have?” Sasha responds: “you want to marry me?” – “Of course!” That kind of talk was common and normal. And everything seems easy, as a joke, not serious on both sides, and inside – all seriously”, – Irina admits.

    It is interesting that Petrov, known for its secretive nature, the first Declaration of love. Actor publishes a lot of photos with your beloved on his page in Instagram. He’s truly thinking about creating a family.

    “Before I met Irina thought there was a favorite thing, it’s important, and the rest of course will add up. But now I understand that you want a family, children, a house in the suburbs, garden-kitchen garden. As the song from Gufa. And also understand that it happens once in a lifetime when I see everything is clear and transparent – that you met the right person and want this man to go boldly forward, not looking back, on the right road, and everything goes as it should,” says Alexander.

    By the way, when Fyodor Bondarchuk approved on the main role in “Gravity” Petrov and Starshenbaum, it is not assumed that actors can love each other in life. The Director even jokingly scolded the stars that they can spoil the picture.

    “Fedor Sergeyevich laughed at us: “You ruined everything! You’re not supposed to love him! Why did you do it? Want a movie to screw up?” We even looked for a way out”, – says Irina. “Sorry the details you can’t tell, but believe me, it turned out even better!” – adds Alexander in an interview with “Hello!”.