Alexander Petrov played the legend of Soviet football

Александр Петров сыграл легенду советского футбола
The actor fulfilled a youthful dream.

Alexander Petrov, Alexei Uchitel

On the eve of the world Cup 2018 Studio “ROCK”
start shooting the feature film “Musketeers”. The film will tell the story
life of the outstanding Soviet football player Eduard Streltsov. The main role in the film
Director Ilya Teacher plays the famous actor Alexander Petrov. The shooting took place
in Moscow, at the stadium “torpedo”, which bears the name of its main legends of Eduard Streltsov.

“I always dreamed to someday star in a movie about football. I played
football, and wanted to be a footballer — shared the actor. But to play the Streltsov I don’t even
dreamed of! This is the same man about whom I was told as a child
father. His life and fate is an amazing story of overcoming, because
20 years he had it all: love, money, limitless possibilities
popularity all over the Soviet Union, and all the chances to become a great player
known all over the world. But, unfortunately, the system broke, and the world about him and
do not know. But, more importantly, he was able to come back and win. And I really want
millions of people in our country felt its history”.

Rapidly breaking into the world
football, Eduard Streltsov already at the age of 17 became a striker for the USSR national team, and 19 —
Olympic champion (Melbourne, 1956). The whole country waited for the meeting of the “Russian
Pele” rising star of the Brazilian national team at the world Championship in Sweden
(1958), but fate decreed otherwise. Career Streltsov was
interrupted by 5 years in prison on false charges. When it seemed that
road football forever cut off, the archers does the impossible:
returns to the field and wins the title of best player of the Soviet Union.