Александр Петров о харассменте, Грете Тунберг и равенстве полов

Александр Петров о харассменте, Грете Тунберг и равенстве полов

The Russian newspaper interviewed a 30-year-old Russian actor Alexander Petrov, where he shared the hottest topics that interest the public. The actor immediately confessed that it has conservative views about men and women who after the interview someone may not like it, but this does not mean that he is obliged now to be silent.

As for gender education at the moment, the celebrity said incorrect Erasure of boundaries between a man and a woman. Two different sexes cannot be identical. For example, he will never allow myself not to a woman who had dinner with him in a cafe, paid for itself, even if it’s not his girlfriend, just a friend.

The actor has noticed that to Express his point of view in Russia everyone can answer for his words will also for itself. He never picks up certain phrases, so God forbid not to offend feminists. Anyway, in his opinion Western standards will never take root in our society because of a different mentality. Russian women love to be molested, for them it’s part of flirting. He also assured that while the Russian woman does not want, that not one male will not be able to take over.

The actor shared his opinion about Greta Thunberg, frankly he does not understand what it is the phenomenon. Alexander believes that the public nothing made her some icon running exclusively on the boat. He cited the example of your favorite band, who recently released a new album, but Greta is not going on tour. Petrov frustrated by this fact, even if the group is not going on the road, the planes still continue to fly, the plants to work, and waste poured into the waterways. According to him, everyone is watching and discussing Thunberg on the TV screen while sitting on the couch and doing nothing. People are so lazy that can’t even clean up after themselves in nature, after fried skewers.

Regarding the charity Alexander is having doubts. The fact that he regularly engaged in helping the needy, but she does not tell anyone. Believes that this is not a reason for pride and personal desire, which he satisfies. Many of his colleagues and friends, saying he needs to talk about it, write posts in Instagram, so that people can see, and it lasted, be an example. Peter, however, still does not understand where this line of bragging and useful things for society.

Also, the actor spoke about his attitude towards shy people, and confessed that they sympathize with him. Alexander never condemns, and believes that nobody has the right to tell a person how to live and who better to become. Shy people cause it to more pleasant feelings than those who are constantly trying to look like everyone else, bright and artsy. He is very interesting to observe people who go on stage and try to read the beautiful verse, but because of the experiences their shakes, but they struggle with their feelings. And very boring to watch professionals who come out and say your masterpiece speech, because they are professionals. This is what he believes. The most important features in man for him: simplicity, kindness and compassion, and in the profession: to do it all yourself and show your teeth, also remember to say what you currently think.

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