Александр Петров - Ивану Урганту: «Чем хуже условия труда, тем лучше я работаю» The famous actor was the guest of the program “Relish”. Alexander Petrov told the facilitator about the most difficult shooting in my life. Despite all the shortcomings of the profession, a man always happy to take part in new projects.

Alexander Petrov has already become for many viewers the main young actor of Russia. He collects bright role and is not afraid of creative experiments. However, the artist rarely confides and talks about the work and personal life.

During the conversation with the presenter of the program “Smak” Alexander decided to make an exception. He told about the most difficult shooting in my life and what emotions he cause working difficulties.

“Once we shot the picture in the forest in absolutely terrible conditions. It was cold, dank. We slept a little, but the result was great. You know, I’m still in GITIS understand that you are a strange man. For me, the harder the conditions, the better,” said Petrov.

The young man stressed that always feels how good will the picture. At the stage of reading the script he was aware of the potential of the story. That is why Alexander could only choose strong roles, delighting fans of the bright transition.

Petrov admits that she loves all of the tapes with his participation. According to the actor, in his filmography there are no frankly bad roles. Perhaps that is why today he is so popular.

Still, I admit Petrov, he still has some room to grow. The actor has big ambitions, because he looks up to the great colleagues whom he considers idols.

“My favorite actors are Robert de Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sergei Bodrov Jr. I love almost all the movies with their participation, something I take note, I use the work”, – told the actor.

Ivan Urgant fully agreed with the celebrity guest. As it turned out, the host of “the Smak” and he is a fan of Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Robert de Niro.

Permanent employment on a movie set greatly affects the life of Alexander Petrov. So, the young man did not have enough time to cook. He admitted that he is a bad cook, but the Studio was able to make pasta, which I liked even gourmet Urgant. Live men a lot of jokes, and eventually managed not only to talk but also to reveal to the audience a few simple but delicious dishes.