Александра Петрова жестко избили на съемке
The First channel starts the 8-episode series “Sparta”.

Alexander Petrov in the series “Sparta”

After a few days, the First channel starts
The 8-episode series “Sparta”. The main role in the new project was performed by Alexander
Petrov, Artem Tkachenko, Valery Kirando and Alisa Lozovskaya. Directed by
Egor Baranov, known for projects “Locusts” and “Fartsa”.

The plot of “Party” is built around one of St. Petersburg schools,
which is a tragedy. To find out details of the incident,
the investigator will have to meet with students and, in particular, with the leader
one of the classes. In addition, he will need to learn the rules of computer
games “Sparta”. The investigator will understand the true meaning of events, his
own life will change forever.

In the course of the story in one scene, the hero of Alexander Petrov
is in a fierce fight after which the face of a handsome man covered with blood.
According to the actor, despite all the difficulties, it was interesting to be in
this project and after the release, he plans to watch the show.

“The shooting was very difficult, — said Alexander Petrov. In
the head is the story of a computer game about a fictional world that people
invented and created and how dangerous it is for our brain and our consciousness.
The brain perceives it as reality. This topic is so relevant and
the thing is terrible. With the advent of virtual reality to control people’s minds,
especially the young, becomes extremely simple. I would
to watch this series myself to answer some questions.”