Alexander Petrov celebrated Halloween together with Julia Franz

Александр Петров отпраздновал Хеллоуин вместе с Юлией Франц
Stars gathered at the party “Gogol.”

Александр Петров отпраздновал Хеллоуин вместе с Юлией Франц

Александр Петров отпраздновал Хеллоуин вместе с Юлией Франц

celebrated the eve of all saints Day on the most mysterious and scary party
“Halloumi”. Special event of the channel TV-3 has been issued in the entourage
mystical Thriller “Goldeneye. Wii” and it was on the night of 1 November in Moscow
the restaurant Spettacolo.

year, on the eve of all saints Day secret society is going to tickle
the nerves, excite the mind and get charged with new emotions. Last night in
among the chosen were the actors of the film “Gogol. Wii” Alexander Petrov and Julia Franz and Anna Churina, Konstantin and Olga Andrikopulos, Kseniya Knyazeva,
Snezhina kulova, Alexander Stekolnikov, Daniil Fedorov and Nikolai Concu.
The film “Gogol. Wii” Egor Baranov rarely appears at social
events, this time he was dressed as Edward Scissorhands and his wife.
Also guests “Hallowe” became a picture of Sergey Trofimov and his wife and
the stars of the series “Chernobyl. Exclusion zone” Valery Dmitriev and Anwar

Александр Петров отпраздновал Хеллоуин вместе с Юлией Франц

ominous sounds of the soundtrack for “Gogol” Ryan Otter, in the twilight of candles guests
“Hallowe” met young girls in masks of beasts, witches, drowned, real
wolves, hand-held Raven, dressed in gold outfits crazy sexy girls
of Freak Show and most importantly
creatures of darkness – mysterious faceless Rider. On stage this evening out
infernal extravagant singer-Ksenia RocknRolla werewolf from Werewolf
family, behind the DJ booth played the bearded’s twin-Brothers. Guests
went to a chalk circle in the gloomy scenery of the chapel: on the floor
scattered sheets of old manuscripts, the air worn bats. Pair
seconds and 17 are arranged in a circle camera bullet-time attraction forever engraved
emotions come in full, to leave a memory of the darkest night

But the main
the highlight of the evening was yet to come – exclusive 15 minutes of the film “Gogol. Wii”,
which the participants of the “Hallowe” saw the first. The guests were shown the fragment
where the frame appears a new hero “Gogol” – witch hunter, wizard
of martial arts and philosopher Khoma Brut. The sequel to one of the main
box office hit in 2017 with the participation of Alexander Petrov and Oleg Menshikov
the film “Gogol. Wii” will be released in theaters April 5, 2018. The young clerk and aspiring
the poet Nikolai Gogol by Alexander Petrov will continue to investigate
mysterious murders of girls in the village of Dykanka in the company of his new assistants
the policeman Binh (Evgeny Stychkin), Vakula (Sergey Badyuk) and Dr.
Bomgart (Jan Tsapnik). And somewhere nearby will always be invincible and tireless
detective James Guro (Oleg Menshikov).

The beginning” was the main kinocentara this fall: pilot project channel
TV-3 and “Environment” Alexander Tsekalo established in September several cash
records and entered the top 5 most successful projects published in 2017 year.
Mystical detective in classic literature is faced with a terrible
creatures of their own imagination, already seen in theaters more than 1.9 million
the audience and the film still continues!