Alexander Peskov wants to give his daughter in marriage

Александр Песков мечтает поскорее выдать дочь замуж Parodist is afraid of what can not wait grandchildren. Alexander Peskov is looking for a husband for 29-year-old heiress, and a worthy son-in-law. Meanwhile, the artist happy to babysit children of my friends.

      Александр Песков мечтает поскорее выдать дочь замуж

      Known parodist Alexander Peskov 54 years of age when taken to a new status, reward which can only grown children. Artist passionately dreams of becoming a grandfather. Our hope is for an adult daughter of Alexander Peskov Daria, but she has not yet committed to give their star father grandchildren. A 29-year-old Daria, according to her dad, not yet chosen. The girl has been a career – she’s the concert Director of the children’s theater-Studio “fidget”.

      Alexander Peskov willing himself to look suitable for the role of a husband for his daughter’s candidacy. “I’ve been ready to be a grandfather. The groom can not find. Who is the potential suitor? Come! Will consider all offers”, says a famous artist.

      By the way, Alexander Sands is not the only representative of the Russian show-business who is willing to publicly admit secret desires about the new addition to the family. Not so long ago that she dreams of grandchildren, and grandchildren better, the fans told the singer Alena Sviridova. The eldest son of the singer Basil for 32 years, and a stellar mom thinks it is time to think about the children. As for Alena, she has prepared a dowry for a future granddaughter. “You want a girl,” admits Alena. – Want someone from the children honored someday I begat the girl. I have a bunch of all sorts of beautiful jewelry there. And I never tied the bows, and wore dresses. So, if that happens, I will be very happy”.

      But still Alexander Peskov, who – boy or girl – will give him his daughter. The actor loves kids, and in anticipation of the happy event in his family, gives warmth to the kids of their friends, with pleasure nances with them.

      “I am sure the nanny for the children of my friends, Lena and Roma Zhukov (singer, the author of the song “I love you girls I love you boys” in my 49 years, father of six kids – ed.). Money for it do not take, – has told in interview to the edition Alexander Peskov. – But so it was, is and will be, I hope. Happy to mess around with their kids. We used every summer trying to catch a vacation to relax together. Children Zhukovs, as I love to splash in the water. And while Roma and Lena retreated, I remained all their offspring”.

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