Alexander Panayotov talks about “pull” in show business

Александр Панайотов рассуждает о «блате» в шоу-бизнесе Singer believes that Amateurs have no place on stage. Alexander Panayotov is outraged that many people believe the work of the singer easy. He frustrating when everyone is trying to become artists, thanks to connections and big money.

      Александр Панайотов рассуждает о «блате» в шоу-бизнесе

      Not so long ago, fans of Alexander Panayotov and Olga Buzova discussed the conflict of the two performers. The man allowed himself to speak out sharply on the vocal data of the presenter. The artist has not kept itself waiting with the answer – she was upset that the singer expressed his point of view. As it turned out, Panayotov did not want to offend Buzova. In his opinion, he was a figure of speech and meant not specifically Olga, and anyone who is not directly related to music. In an interview with “OK!” finalist show “Voice” explained his position. Alexander Panayotov criticized the vocals of Olga Buzova

      “In fact, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, and I had to edit the post. I know Olga very long time, she’s a great girl, she has two higher educations, it is absolutely self-made. But now a lot of random people on stage, and they all want to sing. You can’t be a layman in this matter. If you have a musical education, you were at least singing, this will be seen. I’m talking about all — Olya here as a common noun — singing leading singing children of rich parents, sons, wife. While there are plenty of mega-talented singers who are deprived — they are not on the premiums, they are not interesting because they do not have many followers on social networks, they are not shown every day in the reality show, they have no money,” said Alexander.

      He Panayotov became known through participation in a music contest 14 years ago, he appeared in the “people’s artist”, and last year started talking about him again after the furore on the project of the First channel “Voice”. Alexander took second place, but not upset that he had failed to win.

      “I really like the figure two to have to come up with t-shirts and sweatshirts and number two and my picture on the back. Maybe I was born to show by example that it is not so terrible a defeat. You don’t always need to be first. I believe that the first and second place can be only in sport but in the work will always be better than someone,” says the singer.

      Participation in the project of the First channel has brought Panayotova success – it now works with Grigory Leps. Alexander is glad that his talent did not go unnoticed by influential producer. From it the contestants have learned what it means to be truly famous.

      “With Leps we complement each other. This is for you he is bold, but I know him from the other side — in fact, it is thin, soft and vulnerable man. But, of course, when he “includes Leps”, it is possible to hide. Leps insists that when your song will be sung in karaoke, and then comes success” – shared his thoughts Panayotov.