Alexander Panayotov spoke about the child

Александр Панайотов заговорил о ребенке Participant of the show “the Voice” intends to succeed in the project for posterity sake. Alexander Panayotov was in oblivion for several years, and now he says the whole country. The artist wants to use his chance.

      In the midst of the blind auditions of the show “the Voice” on channel one. Alexander Panayotov already passed the second round, once in the team to Grigoriy Leps. The artist has a real chance to fight for the victory.

      In recent years, Alexander never ceased creative activity. However, the singer was faced with refusals to accept the rotation of his new songs radio stations and music television channels wanted to broadcast clips of the artist. The other would have to give up, but Panayotov did not do that. On the contrary, for three months he got rid of 20 kg excess weight was to exercise, continued to rehearse and I went to the casting show “the Voice” to re-assert itself. The artist is set to win the team of Grigory Leps, because he wants the child and the family, which will have to provide.

      “I think the audience will be interesting to watch our tandem. Moreover, the Leps have their own production centre. Don’t know where all this will lead. But hopefully with work it will get better. And there personal life to build on. Understand that I’m not a kid, 32 years. It is necessary to procreate, but not before. Can’t have a baby until I’m confident in the future. I hope things will change in the near future”, – says the singer.

      Interestingly, after the triumphant numbers in the “Voice”, the person Panayotov began to actively discuss in social networks. His appearance in the musical show caused great controversy. Many viewers do not understand why budding talents to compete in “the Voice” with well-established artists. By the way, except for Alexander in the new season of the program involved the singer and presenter Ekaterina Gordon, who is in the team of Dima Bilan.

      Finalist of “the Voice” fueling the scandal involving Alexander Panayotov

      “Now I will raise a wave of indignation and a mass of angry and spiteful comments on the Internet. Already many write: “Go away! Give way to the young!” But I have to be honest, nothing to fear. Ready mentally for all attacks, criticism. For me the main thing – to perform well, efficiently do their job. I think Leps will help me in this”, – shares his thoughts Panayotov with the publication of Woman’s day.