Alexander Panayotov spoke about the alcoholism of the father

Александр Панайотов заговорил об алкоголизме отца The artist dreams of a strong and large family, as he was unable as a child to experience the love of both parents. His mom and dad were divorced, so Alexander had to start earning money to help the family.

      Александр Панайотов заговорил об алкоголизме отца

      A guest of the new release of the program “Alone with all” became Alexander Panayotov. Participant of the show “the Voice” successfully gives concerts in cities of Russia, and many fans believe that he has all the chances to go on “Eurovision” this year. According to the artist, his path to the stage was very difficult.

      The viewer is first met by panajotovym in 2002, when a boy participated in the project “people’s artist”. However, despite the efforts of Alexander, he failed to succeed in terms of musical career. The young man says that sometimes had to take any job, since he was the only male in the family.

      The singer’s parents no longer live together, so on the shoulders of Alexander fell to the care of mother and sister. Panayotov could not leave the people close to him without means and always helped them financially.

      “I’m the only man in the family, and, of course, even at my worst times, I found the opportunity to send them money. I do it with great love. This is my family, the women primarily who must cherish,” said the artist.

      As said Alexander, with his father, he communicates rarely. According to the artist, in his relationship with a relative formed a big gap that is hard to fix.

      “There is such complicated history, a history of alcoholism. I am very bitter that connect with the father I lost, I always miss him. It came from childhood. People are so lost that it can’t be saved… There is a stage that is already impossible to do anything, the man himself made that choice,” explained Panayotov.

      However, the artist believes that much like his father in appearance. According to Alexander, his sister periodically interested in the health of the Pope. “Man lives alone, no family, it’s creepy. The worst thing that can be light when a person has no one, and he is in a pit” – shared the participant of the show “the Voice.”

      Alexander hoped to create a strong family. The young man tries not to disclose the details of his personal life to journalists. “I kept it all to yourself… There is a girl who is always with me. I’m already thinking about creating a family, birth of children. Want five children. Two dogs. To have children, when you have nothing to give them, I would not want”, – said Alexander. Fan of Alexander Panayotov discuss his mysterious companion